Spice up your life ! Meet Claudia – an exquisite make-up artist that will bring you happiness and confidence!

  • Event make-up:207852_10150142604944200_8226040_n

    make-up sessions to individuals and small groups for weddings, fashion shows, photo & video shooting, TV shows, commercials. The sessions are organized at your location of choice and conducted in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Claudia truly believes that one’s make up should reflect both personality and personal taste, and be appropriate for the occasion. Claudia focuses on delivering not only the LOOK, but also the state of mind and spirit, combining confidence, seduction and happiness.

  • Air-brush make-up:airbrush[1] 

     Those who go for the conforting, fast and non-intrusive new method of air-brush make-up will find out that this tehnique ensures perfect and homogenuous layout of the base foundation. This more exclusivist type of make-up, commonly used for HD commercials and High Quality photo-shooting is often adopted and best suited for all types of events, with the pricing being only with 15-20% higher than regular tehniques.

  • Make-up training for professionals:


    Claudia’s experience in make-up training for Make-Up Forever, dealing with both starters and more established professional make-up artists as well as with those aspiring to a career in the industry, ensures she is prepared to answer any question, and adopt the right approach and find solutions to any type of corrections and beauty enhancements required. At the end of the session you will be able to perform a full professional make-up and be equipped with the foundation of make-up artistry. It is advisable you are already involved in make-up activities so that you can exercise the newly acquired knowledge and techniques.

  • Self-make-up training:clau makingup

    During this session you will be able to create and customise your own make-up to suit your style and personality, learn the basic and most used techniques and how to avoid common mistakes. Claudia will encourage you to develop your artistic sense and hand, and will be answering any questions you might have. You will be amazed by the benefits of this module.

  • Consulting and advisory:

    418155_10150536797674200_80096935_n (1)is open to aspirants, starters in the industry and professionals alike, working with you to help you take your make-up career to the next level, by ensuring you choose the right strategy for the ‘segment’ you wish to work in, how to overcome obstacles and how to grow your client-base.


– Extra charges applies to areas outside London, depending on distance.

– prices are negotiable for groups over 3

– samples for retouching are offered within the price of make-up sessions

All enquiries calling 0788 4002593 or e-mailing  me@claudiamakeup.co.uk