Claudia Mocanu

Courses attended:

  • “Christine Valmy Make-up School” – beginner level – 2000
  • “Make-up For Ever Academy” – professional level – 2010
  • “Alexandru Abagiu” – Make-up seminar for professionals – 2011
  • various seminars for professionals – 2012 and 2013 during IMATS London
  • “London Make-up School” – 2013


About Claudia:

While having only one course attended, back in 2000 Claudia started enhancing women’s look and amaze everybody around her as if she were trained at one of the best long-term make-up schools in Europe.

Without being a make-up addict (she shops in the nearby supermarket without putting first false eyelashes 🙂 ), she is still aware of the emotional advantage that women get if they see a beautiful face in their mirror. But changing the look of a woman is one thing, while bringing her joy and appetite for life is another. Therefore Claudia always communicates with her clients during makeup sessions and shares enthusiasm and crazy energy that makes her “tic”. YES, makeup can take you out of depression but only if delivered with care and true love for people. You will leave from the makeup session with a sexy look but also with some cool tips from a new great friend that you have just met.

Claudia’s career significantly changed after attending the long-term course at one of the world’s best make-up academies: MAKE-UP FOR EVER. Publications, TV shows, public events, fashion houses and celebrity photographers were now her world, but still, nothing compares with making a bride happy in her big day. No personal success can match gaining a new friend and for Claudia a new client is also a good friend.

How to recognize better her talent and people skills than offering Claudia a permanent trainer contract at MAKE UP FOR EVER academy, not long time after attending the course herself. Touching people’s lives, day to day, even if it’s through a training session or an evening make-up – that is Claudia’s dream come true!


“Make-up can give you a stylish, sexy or lovable look, but on top of this, delivering confidence and happiness is the most important bonus that you should get from your make-up artist” – Claudia Madeline

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Marina S.

Great job. My husband did not recognize me. I was beautiful at my engagement party. Strongly recommended!

Michelle K

I’ve been battling with confidence issues due to the dark circles and bags under my eyes for quite some time and I’ve tried a multitude of make-up products taunted as next best thing with no acceptable result. Claudia showed me the right way to apply the products (it does make a BIG difference!!), the right products to use for my complexion and skin issues, and more importantly gave me back my confidence! I’ve been so happy with the consultation that now Claudia will do the make-up at my wedding in October. Thank you, Claudia!!!

Joanna Pristol

I met Claudia several weeks before my wedding and I was very impressed by her skills as makeup artist. She did me a trial, my mom was very happy how I looked. Before the wedding Claudia took care of all my family (female side), made us look gorgeous. I love you Claudia! Keep up the good work


Do you have any dates left for trials in August please.Lovely photos.I am getting married 1st December and how much is your trials.


Answered to your e-mail also Sharon, thank you for the enquiry and see you soon! Claudia


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